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How many of us crave being in a "place offering peace and contentment"?

There is a new and different way for you to achieve this state of Being called Holistic Energy Recharge.

It is said that there is no such thing as a magic, just undiscovered laws of physics.

It is very different from the common methods you may be familiar with because of how it enables you to gain this peace and contentment.

As we are already living within the Energies of the Universe as well as Mother Earth, we may use these beneficial forces to restore our natural balance of the human energy system in mind, body, emotions and spirit.
Best of all, as these energies surround us already, it doesn’t require you to have any particular religious or spiritual beliefs or concepts. Nor does it require a particular form of Mind set or concern of ‘dubious practices’.
We all have our personal Journey. Not everything is knowing, yet everything is Being. Allow yourself to stop trying to understand everything at once. Just be, let it flow, step by step. With harmony comes tranquillity.
So, to gain your "place of peace and contentment", you may want to pay close attention to what I am about to share with you.

The World is not solid, and nothing in is solid either, including you and me, the ground beneath us, and even the moon above. The entire Universe is in constant motion. Nothing is stationary, and nothing is fixed and immovable or unchangeable. Research in the field of Quantum Mechanics clearly supports this as being True.

Despite the mystical descriptions and words I have just used, Reiki, Crystal Therapy, Sound Healing and Therapeutic Shamanism are actually down to Earth and practical.

Beings of Light

Almost every one of the worlds religions, every shamanic culture, almost every belief system the world over, use descriptions such as “we are beings of light”, “we come from the light”, “we go back to the light”, “lead us to the light”, “divine light”, that is within everyone. “Enlightenment”, “to find the light”, “let there be light”, “festival of light”, “inner light”, “light of divine consciousness”, “illumination on the path”, “cross of pure light”, and “light of the human soul”.
Quantum physics confirms that we are physically made of light. Research also shows that a photon of light can behave as a particle, a physical object, or as a moving wave of energy. It can alternate between these states, randomly and unexpectedly, yet once the photon is observed and identified, it becomes fixed in that state and can no longer swap. Everything is made of this strange matter called light.
And so the observer affects the result!


So everything is made of light …. Except dark matter.
Simply, there is not enough matter in the Universe, and the scientists could not understand why. So Dark Matter was postulated, which was not made of light. – hence invisible, immeasurable and unable to be sensed. [Note: “dark” indicates “hidden”, as opposed to the religious connotation of ‘bad’, ‘evil’, ‘negative’ or anything else. We just cannot see it].
Astronomers, measuring x-ray emissions, have now identified this dark matter. Surprisingly, it seems that dark matter and light matter do not affect each other. Indicating that it can be around us all the time without us being aware. Effectively, 2 universes present in the same place yet invisible to each other.
Might this dark matter be within us?
If some people can ‘tune in’ to the wavelengths of dark matter, then we may have an explanation for sensing a presence, seeing a fleeting wisp of something that disappears as we notice it, sensing spirits and energy with any or all our senses.
Further, dark energy is everywhere in the Universe [a Universal energy], maybe not just in space, but also in time [past-life recall, knowing past or future events, ghosts, seeing into the future]. Our 6th sense may simply our ability to sense dark matter.


What is ‘Crystal Energy’? How do crystals affect and interact with your personal energy and bring healing?
So, where and how do we feel the energy when we work with crystals?
When we work with crystals, it is a partnership, an exchange of energy. They give and take, we absorb and release.


“Crystal” is not limited to the scientific definition, but includes all of the mineral realm of crystals, minerals, rocks stones, mineralised shells, fossilised animals and petrified plants.
They are fun to work with and have no ill side effects. Admittedly, sometimes their effect can feel uncomfortable as we release thoughts and emotions we don’t want to face whilst bringing balance to our energy systems. But they are always benevolent.
Most crystals we work with are created in the Earths surface, and are natural, consistent, with precise atomic arrangements. Formed from either molten rocks cooling or groundwater distilling, crystallization occurs and minerals formed.
A crystal must have an exact crystalline form to its atomic arrangement and a specific colour [which may vary from specimen to specimen.


To ‘qualify’ as having Life, crystals need to display the following 7 signs:
•Homeostasis – it maintains a balanced inner structure.
•Organisation – it has a highly organised crystalline structure.
•Metabolism – crystals ‘eat’ their environment by absorbing the elements they need to grow from their very specific growing environment and organising them into their crystalline structure.
•Growth – there are small crystals and large crystals. The big crystals grew from small ones.
•Adaption -Crystals such as phantom crystals, adapt their growth over time.
•Response to environment – Questionable, yet within a crystals million years of growth, interference crystals could be counted here. [Growth interference crystals literally have their growth changed by a physical block in their environment. Essentially, the crystal grows around the block].
•Reproduction – crystals reproduce in two ways, as seed crystals and by adapting to separation in their growing environment.

Which puts crystals on the same level as viruses, which are considered to be living.


By channelling the universal energy that surrounds us, your body can be encouraged to realize the potential of its own self-healing capabilities.
Originating in Japan, Reiki forms a wonderful complimentary therapy in either a personal wellness or healing programme. Here, Reiki is intended to be used to improve your own personal wellness – not just for illness.
Reiki is used for stress reduction, relaxation and symptom relief in efforts to improve overall health and well-being. Invariably, it is a very relaxing and peaceful experience.

Worldwide, Reiki is used in many settings including hospitals and hospices, as well as in private practice. Reiki works effectively alongside orthodox health-care and natural remedies, expanding your treatment options.

Life is a constantly changing process and in order to stay healthy we need to adapt continually to the changes occurring, both inside the body and out, otherwise the body/mind starts to lose balance and become dis-ease.


A simple therapy which has no need for anything complicated, special clothing or clothing removal. The client lies on a couch, and in the ‘Basic Sound Healing’ session, turns over half way through.

It is not an intrusive therapy. No physical manipulations, pullings and strainings, prodings or pokings. [Apart from a sensing of neck and lower back in the ‘Basic Sound Healing’ session]. A potential re-assurance for female clients in view of my being a male.

In every session of my case studies, the immediate response has been ‘relaxing’ through to ‘extremely relaxing’. The ability of the human body to stop, relax, and unwind its muscles and tensions is by its nature therapeutic and healing. The tension and stress of being tightly and highly strung inhibits natural movement and performance. It also entraps toxins such as lactic acid within the muscle tissues and fibres.

It is so natural. It is ‘normal’ for people to be soothed, be it by the sound of nature such as the waves on the beach or the sigh of the breeze stirring the leaves. Or it could be the result of music, like the song that ‘tugs at the heart stings’, or is a transport of delight to a peaceful realm or way of being. Conversely, it may be motivational, such as military music enthusing the soldiers, or productive, such as lively music in industrial settings.

It is Holistic. In combination with other therapies, it can amplify and intensify the clients therapy. Soft music and sounds are useful in both a therapeutic massage as well as hypnotherapy and meditation as the client is enabled to relax and unwind.

Lastly, and importantly, it is Wholesome. All the client has to do is just …. ‘Be’. Nothing artificial is needed, after all, how evocative is the sound from childhood of the ice cream van chimes?


What is therapeutic shamanism?

Therapeutic Shamanism is a powerful blend of Psychotherapy and ancient Shamanic practice. Utilising the Person-Centred approach of counselling, as well as other Humanistic methodologies such as Gestalt, plus incorporating Hypnotherapy and Visualisation, the client is enabled to clear the ‘logical’ conscious mind to explore their own levels of perceptions and emotions on shamanic levels.

Whilst Shamanism and Psychotherapy are not the same, they overlap. Through being open to this, and willing to explore, Therapeutic Shamanic Journeying enables us to face many of our problems and issues.

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